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Ммр дота 2 таблица

This is what it always has been, back when Dota 2 ммр дота 2 таблица just came out and you could get your unranked MMR from the console. Calibration takes your ммр дота 2 таблица MMR as a starting point in most cases. Unranked MMR made no distinction between solo and party MMR. This is why some "professional" streamers who had 70%+ winrates in unranked MM are ммр дота 2 таблица on big losing streaks in solo ranked MM - their unranked MM was mostly skewed by 5-stack wins. The calibration period roughly triples the gains and losses per game compared to games after calibration, with ммр дота 2 таблица large weighting on RELATIVE hero performance during calibration. The old hero "performance" bars were based on this per-hero ммр дота 2 таблица ranking. This is also why some people have large losing or winning streaks after calibration is complete because they only play one or two heros. Your team color placement in solo ranked MMR is usually independent of your MMR unlike HoN BUT NOT at the very highest MMR levels. If you gained or lost 25 points in a game, Valve's Bayesian system had an even expectation of a 50% win chance for both teams. The Bayesian predictor takes other factors besides MMR, such as hero performance and MMR uncertainty, into account. When someone abandons after ммр дота 2 таблица blood, the MMR system treats the game as 4v5 in terms of Bayesian expectations see above point. Because it's now treated as a skewed 4v5 game, the team of 5 may only gain 5-15 points points for their win if somehow the team of 4 wins, they could gain 40+ points. This is all ммр дота 2 таблица, and pretty good analysis, but source? I know the source for console commands is gone, the starting pt 3000, but what about the team color? Also, source on unranked MMR having no distinction between solo and party? The team color was deconstructed by me with a friend that has similar MMR to me. There were several hypotheses: team color really is just MMR like HoN team color is who is "first ммр дота 2 таблица accept" team color is totally random shown not to be true team color is based on queue time The first three were disproven falsified with our ммр дота 2 таблица. We confirmed the last one by some clever server queueing in this case, my friend and I ended up on the same team, but the friend with the lower MMR but higher queue time was pink. Btw I am pretty sure 3k ммр дота 2 таблица only the default MMR if you chose experienced on first loadup. IIRC it went 1, 2, 3k MMR based on what you chose back in early beta. Now that I think about it, when I got my beta key and first booted up Dota 2, I had the option to choose my player level before queueing up. I chose whatever was close to "complete, utter noob - has never played an ARTS game before in his life" I think I might have shot myself in the foot. I don't remember which I chose but I hope it was the middle one. At least this means that ranked MMR should have higher numbers than regular MMR. I don't think it's that big of a deal. I chose the "no experience" option a year ago and now I'm at 4. I appreciate you testing it, but don't expect anyone to take your word for it. For all we know this could be something you made up out of thin air. I believe it, Ммр дота 2 таблица have no reason to not believe it. It sounds legit and reasonable and explains all that "boohoo dendi is always pink or blue". Strange that you're getting downvoted for this comment; it makes perfect sense. Maybe it's just your reputation though :D Nobody should believe anything this post says until there are proofs or proper sources for all of this. I can just imagine this being a thing in pubs to judge each other. Seriously, post some pictures showing you getting to certain points. Post some math for us. Give a source showing if you got this information from somewhere else. Until then nobody should believe any of this. I imagine having a scale with various stones on it, both sides have the same weight; if one side has a considerably smaller stone on it's side, removing it could be insubstantial. You're providing proof of his theory with that data but giving none that supports this happens consistently with a connection to MMR. Considering it also has a ranking and an uncertainty worked into the calculation, it ммр дота 2 таблица be fun for some people to play around with. Here is the main page: Here is a calculator for teams of up to 4v4: Here is a spreadsheet for doing teams of up to 8v8: research. Dont even need to do anythign that complicated. Any ммр дота 2 таблица where you could win a few games and advance in ranking in the span of 1 normal day of gaming would be good. Will sattisfy casuals for sure. ANd pros play in stacks and teams and only screw around in solo. I think the actual casuals will just play unranked, which is why there were quite a few people speaking out against ranking before ranked was implemented. I think the closer the ranking system is to an accurate competitive ranking the better, it's not there to make people "feel good" about themselves. In hearthstone it works pretty cool. At lower ranks its still fun because its basically: win 3 games ммр дота 2 таблица rank no penalty for losing at lowest ммр дота 2 таблица of MMRonce you get 10 ranks or so you need to win 4 games to advance, then 5, 6 etc. So for dota its win a best of 3, win a best of 4 and so on. You get the sense of progression even at the lowest ranks and you are still challenged at the highest rank too. Eventually you get to the "pro" bracket where your MMR is displayed publicly and you keep moving on to the top of the ladder. Yeah, I know how it works, but I feel like those clamoring for a rating system therefore those that are playing ranked games would like the system to be as transparent and accurate as possible. Ммр дота 2 таблица, I see no advantage of having a rating system that gives you LESS information. I see no advantage of having a rating ммр дота 2 таблица that gives you LESS information. Not for players no. But when you are a game developer trying to market the game and gain as much traction as possible it's not really in your interest to show people how shit they are all the time. Winning or losing a game in dota does not reflect your individual game play u could be a bad player but ur team could carry u I don't have hearthstone, but a quick browse of the wiki seems to indicate that they ммр дота 2 таблица have MMR. I'd love to learn more though! TrueSkill is roughly a Glickman based ELO system with conventions for multi player games and the way they determine their distribution is slightly different. I'm sorry, you seem to have misunderstood me. I'm not saying I'd prefer if they'd use TrueSkill. I'm saying the documentation is excellent for people wanting to learn. Glicko, ELO, and TrueSkill are all Bayesian ranking ммр дота 2 таблица, so they are all very similar. Wait, why has everyone mass-upvoted a thread that doesn't, in any way, provide evidence or concrete reasoning for the ммр дота 2 таблица majority if not all of the claims it's making? Title: Wikipedian Protester Title-text: SEMI-PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION Stats: This comic has been referenced 36 time srepresenting 0. Sounds great and all but unless you have a source we'll have to assume you're ммр дота 2 таблица around conjectures as facts. Cause you're saying, based on the distribution released by Valve, that almost ~90% of the players have lower MMR than the starting point of ммр дота 2 таблица. I don't buy that for a second. Yeah definitely makes no sense. To give you a feel for the range of MMR, below are some MMRs corresponding to various percentiles. I saw the same data elsewhere and mentioned it in a comment but couldn't find a ммр дота 2 таблица for it. To ммр дота 2 таблица to that: Note that this distribution is from normal matchmaking. The players who participate in ranked matchmaking will be more skilled, more experienced players. We anticipate that any given player will have different expectations and play ммр дота 2 таблица game differently in ranked matchmaking compared to normal matchmaking. Since you need at least 150 ммр дота 2 таблица to participate in Ranked games, a lot of smurf accounts and new players that most likely have low MMR are not participating in Ranked MM so the percentiles are different and having 3200 means you are over 50% of the table. Also most if not all of the people that I've seen that give away claim their MMR is 4k+. Since you need at least 150 games to participate in Ranked games, a lot of smurf accounts and new players that most likely have low MMR are not participating in Ranked MM so the percentiles are different and having 3200 means you are over 50% of the table. Also most if not all of the people that I've seen that give away claim their MMR is 4k+. Though it all depends if you want to use your ranked MMR to compare to the greater dota2 playerbase or the ranked-playing sub-population. Your ranked MMR should show roughly where you are overall, the big difference with percentiles will be within the ranked group of players. Considering the number of unranked games you need to start queueing ranked, you should never play with someone just starting in ranked. If you can find something recent, I'll retract my comment. But I still find it very hard to believe that 90% of players are below the starting MMR. Remember, it is based off of your percentile performance. As roughly shown by the "guess my mmr" thread, you can get a general idea of where someone is just by looking at their stats. I think most people including me still want to know what their rating actually means relative to the rest of the playerbase Valve hasn't released a distribution graph yet for ranked. You pretty much know what it is relative to the wider playerbase from Valve's blog post, just not relative to the ranked MMR playing sub-population. If you look at pro players their mmr in ranked is basically what you'd expect from the unranked percentiles, the main difference will be the lower mmr players won't be as likely to play ranked, skewing most of the percentiles higher in ranked. When someone abandons after first blood, the MMR system treats the game as 4v5 in terms of Bayesian expectations see above point. Because it's now treated as a skewed 4v5 game, the team of 5 may only gain 5-15 points points for their win if somehow the team of 4 wins, they could gain 40+ points. Bit skewed numbers there, but I have gotten +12 where one enemy did abandon early. But just had a game where one player on my team was constantly dc'ing and didnt even manage to pick a hero, pauses to restart steam even, then he got an abandon for inactivity after first blood had been claimed. The results from that:-25 mmr from not being able to literally win a 4v5. Im wondering how an abandonment affects the abandoned player's MMR? My laptop overheated in one of my calibration matches and i couldnt reconnect in time. Is my MMR now calculated incorrectly? We would have won that match had I not gotten an abandonment. Zero loss system and everyone starts at 3k? Meaning the average MMR in unranked is 3k, How do you explain the Ммр дота 2 таблица distributions of unranked that valve provided when they released ranked MMR? As an extreme example, suppose there were only 4 players with the following MMRs: 0, 0, 0, 4. The average MMR is 1, but the median MMR is 0. But the average winrate is really about 50%. So if the starting MMR is 3k and the vast majority of players have a win rate of close to 50%, then the average should very much so be close to 3k Also, how does the triple change in MMR work whilst in calibration phase? Surely that disrupts the zero sum system. It seems to me like this is just a logical guess at what happens, but in reality is made up off the top of his head This is a great point. So, either the system isn't zero sum or not everyone starts at 3000. IIRC it went 1, 2, 3k MMR based on what you chose back in early beta. This is what it always ммр дота 2 таблица been, back when Dota 2 beta just came out and you could get ммр дота 2 таблица unranked MMR from the console. Any reason to believe that this is still true? They might have changed it. Ммр дота 2 таблица it's now treated as a skewed 4v5 game, the team of 5 may only gain 5-15 points points for their win if somehow ммр дота 2 таблица team of 4 wins, they could gain 40+ points. Played a game as Weaver and then someone had connection problems and abadoned then we play 2 against 4 and won, had like 20 kills got only 26 points, fuck the system This could possibly be due to the fact that valve might consider visage a support and use separate support metrics for rating performance with that ммр дота 2 таблица. I have been in games where first blood has happened, and yet someone had abandoned afterwards and the message saying "no game stats will be recorded" popped up. Disconnect + not picking hero is the only scenario where I have seen "no stats" in a game WITH a first blood. I had a game yesterday where we got first blood and actually killed someone else. Then 20 seconds later a person abandoned due to AFK and that message popped up. Needless to say, we were all confused i think a lot of you are totally just guessing when you say the stuff you're saying. I gain and lose 25 or 26 points depending on if Ммр дота 2 таблица win or lose, and that's it. It said no stats were recorded, but I still lost 15 from it. This is coming ммр дота 2 таблица the guy who thinks usw has the highest mmr players in the world over SEA and China so if we go for a 50 minutes game as underdog and win it and then some enemy ммр дота 2 таблица and abandons we still only get 5 - 15 points? I think we need to see either a source or, if the data were actually gathered from independent research, spreadsheets. Otherwise, these points are impossible to verify. No offense to OP specifically, of course, but it's difficult to believe any long list of completely new facts, cogent as they may seem, without either of those. Is there any source on unranked having no distinction between solo and party? According to the dota 2 blogpost they did track solo and party MMR for unranked. What makes you think this? I've always wondered why I'm typically blue or pink, interesting. Not a single game had a tripple ммр дота 2 таблица even double point loss. Mostly sounds reasonable, but obviously lacking sources to really settle things. Remember kids: playing as a support during ммр дота 2 таблица is for suckers. Apparently people are taking my post far too seriously. I have no idea what the weighting on their system is, and neither do you. They said in the blog post that it is possible but yes, probably not common to ммр дота 2 таблица rating after a win, or gain rating are a loss. It encourages not playing support, and playing greedy support if you do play it, to get as much rating out of that phase as possible. If you think you're good, you would want to 'abuse' that to get a jump start towards that high 'true rating' you deserve. Regardless, the results of your calibration period are not permanent and in the long run will become irrelevant. The real message: it's supposed to be a stomp detection feature, to find people far out of place and move them in the correct direction faster. It does punish certain roles, but c'est la vie and that is not an excuse for your low rating. It's a per-hero percentile performance, like the old hero performance bars before they changed to just show number of wins. You can play support, as long as you are outperforming other people who play that hero. Source or testing method? Otherwise people like jerax wouldn't have been able to climb so high only playing a single hero if that ммр дота 2 таблица performs very highly for all players at that skill bracket. I too would like a source, this seems highly unlikely they'd do something like this. Also it'd be annoying as I tend to fountain dive a lot when the game is nearing completion which has no effect on the game but has a lot of effect on KDA. I don't think that's it at all. I'm pretty sure it's just that Earth Spirit rapes disorganized teams and players who don't absolutely know his mechanics. Other new-ish heroes with unusual mechanics have the same symptoms. For example Alchemist, Gyro, Windrunner, Naga Siren etc. There's a reason I said "playing as a support", not "playing support heroes". I'd agree with the rest of those heros but WR isn't really hard support as she actually has a right-click steroid. She scales the best out ммр дота 2 таблица those imo. Well, shit, I didn't actually want that MMR anyway. After a number of games, where you started will be irrelevant - your latest games will dominate your MMR. So better pick a support with good scaling and farm him. Nothing like a carry dazzle ммр дота 2 таблица get high rating So the theory is you should play a greedy support. Time for that support midas in all calibration games. How did you figure this out? I'm also interested to know how you figured out the last two points in your post. It really looks like OP just made up a bunch of plausible stuff and posted it to see if he could get upvotes. Yeah i played treant pretty much all my calibration games, most split pushing and healing from the other side of ммр дота 2 таблица map. Did well in almost all of them but im thinking that was probably a mistake now. I feel your pain, I'm a treant player as well and, I believe, a good one. It doesn't much matter except in terms of your eventual MMR, just your MMR at ммр дота 2 таблица end of the calibration. Once you've gotten a bunch more games under your ranked belt, your MMR at the end of calibration won't make much difference at all. This is a really good advice. I solely played support in my irl friends stack during calibration period. Now, everytime I see my party rating, I regret having done it. Definitely not because your rating was lower than their rating before calibration. And it takes into account which hero you picked, your hero performance is only compared to other results from the same hero. When someone abandons after first blood, the MMR system treats the game as 4v5 in terms of Bayesian expectations see above point. Because it's now treated as a skewed 4v5 game, the team of 5 may only gain 5-15 points points for their win if somehow the team of 4 wins, they could gain 40+ points. Do your end game items affect mmr? I lost 44 points for a game where I did better than most everyone on my team. I was in the offlane bounty hunter against slardar and shut him down. The rest of my team would not stop dying. Here is the dotabuff url: I'm guessing you lost a game which the mm system heavily favoured your team to win as compared to the opponents. Its one of those "getting matched with someone totally out of your skill levels" situation, only ммр дота 2 таблица time the underdogs won so the MMR system calibrated accordingly Can someone explain this, then. I'm tinker This is how I used to play when I first started playing dota, not when I'm +3k games in!? Now, I understand that 3. The game was basically over in the first night, Pudge kept roaming, and depsite them feeding and me asking my team to buy wards and tower hug till then, they kept dying to him over and over? There's no way they're 3k rated, or ммр дота 2 таблица ranking is rigged. It just said that 3k is the default starting MMR, so someone could technically be at 3k with 0 real games played. If you gained or lost 25 points in a game, Valve's Bayesian system had an even expectation of a 50% win chance for both teams. The Bayesian predictor takes ммр дота 2 таблица factors besides MMR, such as hero performance and MMR uncertainty, into account. That explains why I lose 28 points in absolute stomps where my team can't do shit, but gain 23 points after a hard game. Or how sometimes I gain 28 after our team stomps the enemy. Because Dota is a snowbally game. Stomps happen all the time even in pro games. Alliance has been shit on multiple times and have lost in 20 minutes. Does that mean Alliance is a 3k rated scrub team? Sometimes shit happens and the game snowballs out of control no matter how skilled the team is. That's just the nature of Dota. And in pro games Na'vi will absolutely stomp Alliance in Game 1 and then Alliance will stomp Na'vi in Game 2. Contrary to popular belief it's actually MORE likely to have stomps as you get better at the game because people who are good are better at exploiting slight leads and are less likely to throw advantages away. Sometimes your teammate with the highest MMR may play a hero they aren't 100% confident with while the player on the other team with the highest MMR is playing his favourite. Wow this makes me sad. We ended up getting a 3v5 not counted 2 days ago after we won. The better you ммр дота 2 таблица across a number of these opt in games, you'll get a MMR boost for consistency. For those who do poorly, you simply have to wait to try again, unless you are in LP where you don't get this option. There are many benefits but what are some of the problems? This is what it always has been, back when Dota 2 beta just came out and you could get your unranked MMR from the console. Because when I got my beta invite in February 2011, the first time I launched the game you had to ммр дота 2 таблица a question on your level of experience in DotA with 3 options. I can't imagine the purpose of that question was to rank everyone identically. I expect the people who selected "experienced" got set to 3k rating, the 2 less experienced options were very likely to be lower than that. Calibration takes your unranked MMR as a starting point in most cases. Just to be sure, having over 1200 games played, I can expect my calibration games to be roughly the same as when I'm playing unranked? I've been quite anxious about starting ranked games because I mostly play support. My plan was to play carry to get out of the trenches and then go back to support. I'd much rather just keep supporting if the games are going to be like my unranked games. Don't be anxious about them. They're the same games. People might take them a little more seriously but there's no real change. Who says suiciding first so that your team can teamwipe ммр дота 2 таблица isn't better than "stun duration" or whatever arbitrary bullshit they decided ммр дота 2 таблица I'm completely outraged by this and no one cares. Maybe they've come up with some really good ideas to make it fair. It means that a good player may be stuck at ммр дота 2 таблица MMRs for a long time or a bad player may be stuck at high MMRs for a long time. Besides, it seems that this individual performance bit only applies for ммр дота 2 таблица first 10 matches. I can accept some arbitrary metric for 10 matches if it means most players will be matched with opponents of similar skill from then ммр дота 2 таблица. What would your alternative be? Trust ммр дота 2 таблица government has nothing to do with this. The Bayesian predictor takes other factors besides MMR, such as hero performance and MMR uncertainty, into account. The only thing I really have a problem with is the 4v5 thing. Many times, team composition means that the team gaining the extra gold with one hero gone is at a distinct advantage. Me and friend always play together. First 10 games I played one with two lvl 13 friends. I got my ranking one game before my friend because of this. Now he has 500 higher ranking and I will never reach him because we most time will play together and the ranking always is adjusting in the same small steps. Such a sad feeling : Well, I've won a very hard 4v5 in ranked and got +26 points, next game was a literal bash for my team and I got +28 points, both were played solo so. Because it's now treated as ммр дота 2 таблица skewed 4v5 game, the team ммр дота 2 таблица 5 may only gain 5-15 points points for their win if somehow the team of 4 wins, they could gain 40+ points. Does it take into account for how long the team was actually only 4 players? I feel like this could be exploited too easily: Lose less points when you know you won't win and win more points when you know you can't lose. Also i dont really see why the team of 5 has to suffer because the enemy team has a leaver. And another thing: how does that "relative hero performance" ммр дота 2 таблица exactly? This happens to me. That's the case now, but before the introduction of ranked MM the unranked system made no such distinction. SingSIng had that 2 hour game as clockword and only gain +1 points PLUS ONE POINT for TWO HOURS! Just look at your own history you will see it for yourself, time has nothing to do with it. I haven't been able to determine if the low points for short games were because they were short, or because the matchmaking predictor expected a stompy outcome. I think it's the latter. Certainly, very long games don't give more Ммр дота 2 таблица. Are there any cases where you stomped but gained a lot of MMR? A stomp doesn't ммр дота 2 таблица to be by the favored team. What if an unfavored team completely annihilates the favored team in 20 mins? That seems like it would be worthy of more MMR. Exactly, that's why I asked if there were any games he stomped and gained more MMR. None of this REALLY matters, to me, until Volvo fixes their damn servers. The only way for me to get to 4000 MMR at this point is to win 25-30 games in ммр дота 2 таблица row, no matter my performance. Doesn't seem right to me. When I win a game, I usually get somewhere between 22-28 points. When I lose a game, I usually lose somewhere between 22-28 points. Going to have to win a loooooot of games without losing to advance. I think it's bullshit, especially in solo ranked. No matter how hard you play and how much better awareness you have of the game you will rise or fall with your team. This re-enforces bad behaviors ммр дота 2 таблица the fact that a team with a bad carry usually can't win after 30 minutes so everyone wants to carry. It also increases negative attitudes towards teammates. I had a game where our 2 supports were obviously far less experienced in the game than pretty much the other 8 players and I couldn't help but hating them. They had terrible map awareness, they farmed lanes alone mid game, they stole last hits from carries, they refused to buy wards or other support stuff. But they got the same -25 that I did. Yes, you would think that in ranked people would care a bit more, but they don't. Just played a game where we had 4 heroes picked out already, an offlane, 2 top ммр дота 2 таблица our mid. Asked to either get an offlane or ммр дота 2 таблица as a 5th pick for our team comp since we had a Lone Druid who would lane or jungle and our 5th ммр дота 2 таблица waits until the creeps spawn and picks Zeus. He TPs to mid instantly where our DK is already, kicks him out of lane by staying there and then proceeds to lose to Pudge. © 2016 reddit inc. REDDIT and ммр дота 2 таблица ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

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